Biblical Grandparenting by Dr. Josh Mulvihill

Biblical Grandparenting by Dr. Josh Mulvihill

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Biblical Grandparenting is a meaty, but readable combination of the most comprehensive biblical theology and scientific research on Christian grandparenting to date.



Overview of the Book

Part 1: Getting Started

  • An Overview of Grandparenting

Ten Biblical Themes Every Grandparent Should Know

Part 2: God’s Design

  • An Identity Crisis in America

Rejecting a Leisureville Lifestyle

  • Grandparenthood in the Bible 

Understanding the Biblical Role of Grandparents

Part 3: Culture’s Messages

  • A Brief History of Grandparenthood in America

Learning from the Multi-Generational Mistakes of the Past

  • The Culture’s View of Grandparenting

A Picture of Grandparents Today

Part 4: Discipleship Methods

  • The Perceived Role of Christian Grandparents

Four Approaches to Grandparenting

  • Discipling Grandchildren

Eight Methods Every Grandparent Can Use

  • Comparing Grandparent Roles

Four Differences Worth Recognizing

  • Research Results

Key Findings of the Study


Appendix 1: Interview Questions

Appendix 2: Validation of Research Protocol

Appendix 3: Methodological Design

Appendix 4: Demographic and Sample Data


What is the role of a grandparent? While the world tells you its time to retire and relax, you have an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of your grandchildren and leave a lasting heritage for your family that will bless generations to come. Biblical Grandparenting explains culture's misleading messages about grandparenting, provides a biblical overview of the role of grandparents, and shares groundbreaking research that will give you a vision to impact the next generation for Christ. In addition, you will be given practical methods to disciple your grandchildren and navigate your place in the family. You are needed as a grandparent--and not simply as a babysitter or a playmate. If you want to care for your grandchildren, give them something that will truly last: a firm spiritual foundation and a close personal relationship they will cherish forever. Discover how in Biblical Grandparenting.