50 Things Every Child Needs to Know Before Leaving Home

50 Things Every Child Needs to Know Before Leaving Home

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"This book is a game changer. A must have in equipping parents to raise children with lifelong faith in Christ. Highly recommend it!" 
~ Pat Williams
NBA Hall of Famer and Author of over 120 Books

Imagine a builder having no plan to construct a home. What would it be like if he tried to build a house without a blueprint? Inevitably, there would be problems. Yet many parents attempt to raise children without a blueprint. Most would agree that parenting is far more important than building houses, yet they spend a disproportionate amount of time planning for areas that matter less.

Just as a builder needs a blueprint, parents need a good parenting plan. Part of having a plan is understanding the target we are aiming for and having a step-by-step vision to holistically discipleship our children spiritually, relationally, emotionally, financially, and physically.

In 50 Things Every Child Needs to Know Before Leaving Home, Dr. Josh and Jen Mulvihill help parents put a plan into action to raise children to maturity in Christ. This book is a guidebook to help parents chart a course to holistically disciple their child to mature, godly adulthood while also functioning as a keepsake that will allow parents to capture milestones and memories associated with each of the fifty areas to give to a child when he or she is older. It’s designed to help you establish a plan and be proactive for each season of your parenting journey in the following areas of your child’s life:

  • Firm foundations
  • Christlike character development
  • Biblical beliefs and worldview
  • Spiritual growth
  • Life skills
  • Relational skills
  • Work and money management
  • Home management
  • Personal care
  • Educational essentials